What, Why, and How? – The Making of Industrial PRIME

The team behind Industrial PRIME. Pictured from left to right: Tuomas Porkkala, Rauno Sainio, and Kimmo Karimäki.
The team behind Industrial PRIME. Pictured from left to right: Tuomas Porkkala, Rauno Sainio, and Kimmo Karimäki.

Industrial PRIME | January 12, 2015

What, Why, and How? – The Making of Industrial PRIME

Industrial PRIME | January 12, 2015

By: Tuomas Porkkala, Editor

Industrial PRIME, new online magazine for the manufacturing industry, has just been launched. The website is brand new, but the idea for it has been around for as long as a decade.


It was in 2005 that I got the idea of founding a publication focused on and serving the purposes of the manufacturing industry in Finland. The result of that idea was Organisaatio-Sanomat. The first issue, published in 2007, was a 16-page paper edition. The size of the edition was a less-than-impressive 1,000 copies and, owing to a lack of resources at the time, the means of distribution in the Finnish city of Vaasa was my very own bicycle.

Quite a bit has changed since. I no longer need a bicycle for distribution, that’s for sure.

Organisaatio-Sanomat is now published online, and it has a solid status as a national publication for the manufacturing industry in Finland.

The language of Organisaatio-Sanomat has always been Finnish. However, the dream of an international, English-language version has been in the picture for as long as the original concept.

In the course of these past ten years, the dream has been buried several times, and it has remained underground for long periods of time. However, the idea has been constantly rolling in its grave, determined to one day punch its way back up to daylight.

By 2014 it was becoming increasingly clear that the time for opening the grave was about to arrive.

As the global economic slowdown has proved surprisingly tough to beat, many industrial companies are struggling in their efforts to create growth. With the far-from-satisfying domestic sales, many are eyeing foreign markets in their search for new opportunities. Achieving international success, however, is easier said than done. But it is by no means impossible. We decided to go international ourselves and, in the process, help our partners succeed in their endeavours.



In the summer of 2014 all pieces finally came together.

I brought up the idea with Kimmo Karimäki, a friend, long-term collaborator, Organisaatio-Sanomat co-founder and the tech wizard behind its visuals both on paper and online. A skilled individual, Kimmo has built a strong career over the years, contributing in various ways to the success of Nokia and Microsoft. If there was a suitable person to create the stunning visuals required for Industrial PRIME, it would be Kimmo.

Kimmo shared my view that there is demand for such a publication, a sort of an antidote to those quick copy-paste press release “news articles” surrounded by ads that we so often see online these days.

Kimmo also saw the pivotal role of social media as a means of spreading our new content. It sure is much more convenient than a bicycle!

Kimmo was in. There was a sort of silent agreement between us, and soon we found ourselves on our way, designing the website, without ever really having made the decision about it out loud.

At the same time we were lucky to have Rauno Sainio, another friend and long-term collaborator, join our team. I had always envisioned Rauno as the person to write the actual content of Industrial PRIME. Back to Northern Europe after a three-year stint in China, Rauno recently started his own business and now offers his knowledge in the fields of translation and journalism. He definitely is an ideal partner for us.



“It should look good whether it is a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone that an individual reader is using to access it.”




Industrial PRIME draws its contents from industrial forerunners and innovators. We are devoted to sharing with our readers how globally influential companies, as well as the talented individuals that work for them, view the future of industry and its upcoming trends and opportunities. If there is a grand vision out there, Industrial PRIME will share it.

In addition, we are going to introduce some of the latest industrial solutions as well as other innovations that have great potential to make a difference.

We are not going to produce content that no longer serves a purpose tomorrow. Instead, we aim to publish engrossing, inspiring articles that matter, be that a dive into the mind of a prominent industrial figure or a glimpse into the workings of a new industrial solution or innovation.

Overly formal style is avoided in order to guarantee that our articles are highly readable, no matter what the subject matter.

Our articles do not aim towards any specific geographical target group. We are going to produce content that is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, as long as they know English and wish to have a seat in the front row in our “premieres” of industrial insights and innovation.

In addition to our contents, we have paid particular attention to our website’s technical and visual aspects. After all, in today’s mobile world, it is not only the actual contents that matter – they need to be displayed right, too.

When we began building the website, the title was the only thing we had in mind. The rest would have to be built around that, and it would have to be done in a way that redeems the promise communicated by the title. In other words, Industrial PRIME should look as good as it sounds. More importantly, it should look good whether it is a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone that an individual reader is using to access it.

The solution Kimmo came up with is our advanced responsive layout. It enables us, for instance, to give more emphasis to a good picture when using a big screen, while retaining the clarity of the whole as the screen becomes smaller. The end result is an ideal reading experience on all devices.

During this planning process, I wanted to make sure that the three of us were all looking in the same direction. I knew that as long as both Kimmo and Rauno did their best, the end result would not be much short of excellent. Having pushed them to exceed themselves, I feel that the end result can finally be described using the word PRIME. That said, Industrial PRIME is a result of fruitful teamwork between the talented individuals behind it.


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