Industrial PRIME | October 14, 2016

Wärtsilä’s Palomäki Recognized as Best Communications Director in Finland

Mr Atte Palomäki, Executive Vice President, Communications and Branding at Wärtsilä (Image: Industrial PRIME)
Wärtsilä’s Palomäki Recognized as Best Communications Director in Finland

Industrial PRIME | October 14, 2016

Wärtsilä’s Mr Atte Palomäki is the best Communications Director in Finland, as voted by journalists in the PR Barometer Business 2016 survey.

Having won the same accolade several times before, Atte Palomäki is the long-standing favourite among the Finnish journalist circles. Truly, Industrial PRIME was on the right track when we interviewed him last year about his views on corporate communications.

According to the survey, one of Palomäki’s strengths is the fact that he is a former journalist himself. Thanks to this history, he has a thorough understanding of not only journalism, but also the needs of the press.

In addition, Palomäki stands out with his double role as both Communications Director and a member of Wärtsilä’s Board of Management.

“The respondents saw this as a major plus, as it enables him to give direct comments on behalf of his company. This is rare when it comes to Communications Directors in Finland,” said Research Manager Kari-Pekka Töyrylä from Taloustutkimus, the market research company behind the survey.

In the survey, 218 journalists were asked to spontaneously express which company they think has the best relationship with the press. Elevator and escalator industry leader KONE grabbed the first place, followed by forest industry company Metsä Group.

In addition, the respondents got a chance to name the best Communications Director and CEO. Palomäki triumphed, while among CEOs, Ilmarinen’s Timo Ritakallio stood out.


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