Industrial PRIME | March 3, 2016

Wärtsilä Introduces Lifecycle Solutions with Groundbreaking Performance Guarantee

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Wärtsilä Introduces Lifecycle Solutions with Groundbreaking Performance Guarantee

Industrial PRIME | March 3, 2016

With the launch of its new solutions concept, Wärtsilä is setting its aim high: the Finland-based company is going to do nothing less than revolutionize marine services.

Wärtsilä has announced the broadening of its range of marine agreement concepts with Lifecycle solutions, an offering that optimises the efficiency and performance of marine and offshore customers’ assets.

The purpose of the new concept is to bring a wider supply of services into the agreements portfolio.

In addition to the Wärtsilä Genius services launched in 2015, the new Lifecycle solutions include three concepts: optimised maintenance, optimised operations, and guaranteed asset performance.

According to Wärtsilä, guaranteed asset performance is a groundbreaking solution that will revolutionize marine services by providing guaranteed operational reliability. Performance targets are determined on the basis of measured data, after which it is Wärtsilä’s job to guarantee that these targets are reached and maintained. This can be achieved by means of automated key performance measurements, optimised maintenance, and remote advisory.

“What we can measure, we can optimize and guarantee,” says Tage Klockars, General Manager, Marine Service Agreements. “By setting clear performance targets and guaranteeing that they are reached, we are making a unique customer promise.”


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