Markus Melin, Head of Tieto's new Security Services start-up.
Markus Melin, Head of Tieto's new Security Services start-up.

Tieto Launches New Internal Start-up to Combat Modern Cyber Security Attacks

Industrial PRIME | January 26, 2016

Tieto Launches New Internal Start-up to Combat Modern Cyber Security Attacks

Industrial PRIME | January 26, 2016

Following the success of two internal start-ups specialized in Industrial Internet and Customer Experience Management, Tieto has just announced the launch of its third start-up. Say hello to Security Services, the Nordic IT leader’s latest business unit.


The newly established internal start-up is aiming high. Tieto has named security as one of its selected growth areas, expecting investments into the new business unit to bear ample fruit.

According to Markus Melin, the man appointed to head the new start-up, it is the goal of his unit to achieve significant growth that exceeds the average growth rate of Tieto corporation. Eventually, the objective is to reach a leading position in managed security services in the Nordic countries.

Melin sounds confident when he talks about these ambitious goals. He knows his stuff, too, having held various positions during his eight-year stint working for F-Secure, the world-renowned security company. It was earlier in 2015 that he began his work at Tieto.

In a nutshell, Security Services aims to help Tieto’s customers in the increasingly complex IT security environment. So what are some of the recent changes and current trends shaping the world of IT security? Melin brings up two points.

“Back in the early 2000s,” he recalls, “installing an antivirus software would provide you with a perfectly adequate level of protection for various purposes. The world is changing, however, and so are the threats.”

Technology is developing, we learn, but at the same time people are becoming more and more skilful in breaching security.

“Improving protection has therefore become more crucial than ever,” Melin states. “Yet the vast majority of businesses worldwide recognize that they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against cyber risks.”

The second major trend quoted by Melin is the cloud, which made a major breakthrough in the corporate world in 2015, and which will keep going strong this year as well.

“To a growing extent, data and people are becoming hybrids, so to speak,” he points out. “Data is scattered around. Part of it is on your computer, while some of it is on the cloud. Similarly, work is no longer tied to a time and a place – sometimes your employees are at the office, sometimes at home, and sometimes on the other side of the planet in a whole different time zone. This is another thing that is making it more complex to manage security and compliance.”

Tieto’s new Security Services start-up is out there to secure the digital operations of enterprises and public sector organizations. The managed security services model will help any organization to achieve visibility, simplicity, and protection for their digital assets.




“Operating in ‘start-up mode’ gives us more autonomy and enables us to develop services quickly and in a more agile way.”




Agility to Speed up Digitalization

Accompanying the launch of the new internal start-up, Tieto also introduced its Security Wall. A tool for top-level decision-makers, Security Wall is a brand-new service developed to offer Tieto’s customers real-time services that provide transparency and information to lead security and understand their level of protection.

“We have observed that the people who make decisions about security often do not have the information available that they would need in order to make proper decisions,” says Melin.

“With Security Wall, we are able to provide visibility to our customers throughout their entire organization. Thanks to that, they will be able to monitor their digital security at any given time, and make decisions based on facts rather than opinions.”

Sounds like Tieto’s clients are going to be in safe hands. Industrial PRIME is pleased, but we have one more question in mind that we feel needs some clarification. What exactly is the idea behind establishing “internal start-ups” within a large corporation such as Tieto?

According to Melin, it is all about agility. When a business unit is allowed to operate in “start-up mode”, it will have more autonomy and freedom in its operations.

“This enables us to try out and implement new things in a way that deviates quite a bit from Tieto’s usual process,” Melin points out. “In fact, the positive experiences from Tieto’s first two start-ups have given the rest of the organization a good benchmark of a faster clock-speed to develop services quickly and in a more agile way.”

A start-up, then, can be much faster in responding to the changing needs of the customer and the market. Needless to say, this is crucial when it comes to helping organizations speed up digitalization while enabling them to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of IT security.


Text by Industrial PRIME, image courtesy of Tieto


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