Pure Genius: Wärtsilä Launches New Digital Services to Enhance Performance of Customers’ Assets

Industrial PRIME | December 9, 2015

Pure Genius: Wärtsilä Launches New Digital Services to Enhance Performance of Customers’ Assets

Industrial PRIME | December 9, 2015

Wärtsilä has just launched Wärtsilä Genius, a new service portfolio that will take the digitalization of the marine and energy industries to the next level, helping Wärtsilä’s customers optimize their assets, operations, and business.


Wärtsilä Genius services comprise of three product families that together enable the real-time optimization of the customer’s assets, improve predictability, and help solving issues through remote support.

The product families are referred to as Optimise, Predict, and Solve.

Optimise is all about real-time optimization of assets to increase effectiveness and competitiveness in the customer’s daily operations. Optimization concerns aspects such as fuel-efficiency, which can be improved in various smart ways in both the marine and energy industries.

To support their now-optimized daily operations, the customer will also want to be able to Predict and plan the lifecycle maintenance of their assets and by doing that maximize their availability. Why use a predetermined maintenance schedule or react only when something goes wrong, when you can plan maintenance based on the actual condition of your equipment?

Solve, the third and final product family of Wärtsilä Genius services, refers to Wärtsilä’s capability of providing its customers with instant expert support virtually whenever and wherever it is needed to ensure the safety of operations.

That sounds like a winning combination to us. Too bad Industrial PRIME doesn’t own a ship or a power plant!




saarikangas wartsila

Ari-Pekka Saarikangas, Director of Asset Performance Optimisation, Wärtsilä. (Image: Wärtsilä)




“Technology has developed to a point where so much more is possible.”




A New Era of Digital Opportunity

According to Ari-Pekka Saarikangas, Director of Asset Performance Optimization at Wärtsilä, digitalization is finally here to truly transform business.

“It is now on the digital side where the biggest innovations are happening,” he points out. “That is why at Wärtsilä we have also been placing a very strong emphasis on digitalization and the Internet of Things in recent years.”

And that’s what Wärtsilä Genius is all about. The aim is, simply, to help Wärtsilä’s customers seize the opportunities brought by digitalization, real-time data, and related analytics. When the customer can increase the performance of their assets by doing things differently and better than before, they will also be able to increase their revenue.

“Technology has developed to a point where so much more is possible,” adds Saarikangas. “Not only do we have a great deal of automation on board ships and in power plants, we also have the ability to collect valuable data and then use that data for the customer’s benefit. What we can do in terms of analytics has taken a giant leap forward in the past ten years.”

Take the marine industry as an example. To a growing extent, ship operators are seeking improved reliability, safety, efficiency, as well as environmental performance.

“It is now possible to form a holistic view of a ship’s condition by examining data from its engines, propulsion, and other technology on board,” Saarikangas explains. “Other factors such as weather conditions can be added into the picture to further optimize the operation, while in case of technical issues prompt advice from experts will be available 24/7 thanks to our global service centres in various locations.”

The power generation market, we learn, is changing as well. To quote an example, the increasing production of intermittent renewable energy such as wind and solar has brought with it the need for greater flexibility in power generation. Power plant operators are constantly looking for means of improving flexibility and efficiency, and to lower their operating costs.

“With Wärtsilä Genius, we can help our customers meet such needs easier and faster,” Saarikangas confirms.

Wärtsilä Genius is a result of years of background work and studies of customer and market needs. The people at Wärtsilä firmly believe that asset optimization is a growing trend in a world where doing business is becoming more and more of a challenge.

That is why Saarikangas sums up our interview by pointing out that even though the launch of Wärtsilä Genius is a major milestone for the company, it is nevertheless only the beginning of something much bigger.

“We are now starting to reap the benefits of our hard work. We will be investing more into Wärtsilä Genius to make it even more comprehensive. You haven’t seen anything yet.”


Text by Industrial PRIME, images courtesy of Wärtsilä


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