Mr Wesley Sweeny, Vice President of Operations, Procemex Inc.
Mr Wesley Sweeny, Vice President of Operations, Procemex Inc.

Procemex Kick-Starts New Subsidiary to Accelerate Growth in North America

Industrial PRIME | December 8, 2016

Procemex Kick-Starts New Subsidiary to Accelerate Growth in North America

Industrial PRIME | December 8, 2016

Procemex Ltd., a leading developer of smart camera-based web inspection and web monitoring solutions for the paper and printing industry, has activated its subsidiary in the United States with the aim of breaking through in the North American market.


Known as Procemex Inc., the subsidiary aims to create long-term partnerships in the North American market with paper-focused companies seeking to improve not only the efficiency of their process, but also the quality of their products.

The establishment of the new subsidiary has been accompanied by the appointment of Mr Wesley Sweeny as Procemex Inc. Vice President of Operations. To gain a better idea of the new company and its goals, we made an old-fashioned phone call to Florida and reached Mr Sweeny, who will assume the responsibility of leading all aspects of Procemex’s business in the United States as well as in Canada.

As a supplier to the paper and pulp industries, Procemex can still be considered something of a newcomer in North America where, over the years, the company has sold around forty systems with the aid of a local agent.

“At the same time, however, the customers that Procemex does have in the US and Canada have been more than satisfied,” Sweeny points out. “What we offer is a reliable product in a market where there’s lots of options available, but a need for a solid, stable product.”

For the past fifteen years, Procemex has been concentrating on growing its business mainly in Europe and Asia (especially China), both of which are markets characterized by particularly strong quality-consciousness. China, for instance, has probably the strictest quality demands in the world when it comes to paper production.

It is precisely in this kind of demanding business environment where Procemex triumphs, and the reason for that is clear, too: we are talking about the undisputed technology leader in its field.

As opposed to Europe and Asia, North America has never been particularly famous for the quality-consciousness of its paper and pulp industries. Not until recently, that is.

“An increasing number of producers have begun to place a much stronger emphasis on quality than before,” explains Sweeny. “The market is therefore strong, and we are in a great position to help our current and future customers focus on quality.”




“We’re going to create brand recognition and make our technological advantages and customer support structure clear to the market.”




Experts with an Industry-Leading Product

In a nutshell, the machine vision systems developed by Procemex help guarantee the high quality of modern paper production and printing through two individual aspects: by securing the quality of the output, and by reducing the unscheduled downtime of the production machinery itself.

So, what exactly is the company’s plan for conquering the North American market?

The answer is simple: spread the word and share with the industry that the cutting-edge Procemex technology is not something they’ll want to miss if quality and efficiency are among their top priorities.

“We’ll support our current customers and partners in order to increase the value that they see in our systems,” Sweeny says. “We’re going to create brand recognition and really make our technological advantages and customer support structure clear to the market. These are our strengths, and this is what we’ll be going forth with.”

Joining forces with the VPO is Mr Jim Haza, who will continue to support Procemex’s North American customers in the role of Technical Support & Services Manager. Together they will be working hard on building the support structure for their local customers in North America.

As one might expect, Mr Sweeny is himself no stranger to the web inspection, web monitoring and machine vision market. He joined the ranks of Procemex in October, having worked for other companies in the same line of business for more than a decade. What convinced him to join forces with Procemex?

“I was looking for an opportunity to work with a company with advanced technology and a strong focus on growing its business,” he says. “Procemex has an industry-leading product, an impressive track record, and no lack of ambition. So when the opportunity presented itself, it felt like a perfect fit.”


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