Pemamek CEO Mr Jaakko Heikonen.
Pemamek CEO Mr Jaakko Heikonen.

Pemamek Ready for Growth with Brand-New Factory Expansion and Updated Strategy

Industrial PRIME | April 5, 2017

Pemamek Ready for Growth with Brand-New Factory Expansion and Updated Strategy

Industrial PRIME | April 5, 2017

If you want your business to grow, you need to think ahead and invest accordingly. With its recently-finished factory expansion and growth-oriented strategy, Pemamek Ltd. has done just that.


We went on location to take a look at the new facilities Pemamek has just finished building.

The expansion project began a couple of years ago, when Pemamek updated its strategy and made it clear that growth would be a top priority. According to the plan, the company’s annual turnover was to grow significantly.

Once the strategy was announced, the market began to show promising signs pointing towards the same direction. Pemamek started realizing many of the orders it had been working for, and it became clear that expansion was going to be necessary.

The original plan was to expand the existing facility by 3,000 m2. However, once the expansion had been started, the signals from the market grew even stronger.

“That is when the decision was made to double the investment and go for a 6,000 m2 expansion instead,” says Pemamek CEO and our host for the day, Mr Jaakko Heikonen. “As a family business we have the ability to make such dynamic, fast decisions when the need arises.”




“With our solutions, the customer gets more, faster, and in a smaller space.”




Increased Efficiency for the Customer

Pemamek’s supply covers a wide range of welding and production automation solutions from individual machines to comprehensive factory deliveries.

The strongest industries currently going for PEMA solutions include the wind power industry and special shipyards, both of which need state-of-the-art production lines for the welding of heavy steel structures.

The above-mentioned positive signals are mainly coming from the direction of North America and Europe, Pemamek’s main export destinations. The company aims to increase its local presence in said markets where, unsurprisingly, competition is fierce.

“We operate in various different sectors, and each sector comes with its own competition,” Heikonen points out. “However, we stand out thanks to our technological know-how and our ability to use it to increase our customers’ production efficiency and level of automation. With our solutions, the customer gets more, faster, and in a smaller space.”

Efficiency is the key here. PEMA solutions can offer better welding parameters, faster welding with improved quality, increased automation and better overall efficiency.

“Significant savings and increased productivity can be achieved with just a single operator,” Heikonen says. “Keeping this in mind, the hardware is not such a big investment, because it will quickly pay for itself.”




“It is clearly stated in our strategy that manufacturing, design and product development are to be kept in one place.”





The investment more than doubled the size of Pemamek’s manufacturing facilities in Loimaa, Finland.




Feet Firmly on Native Soil

Not only is Pemamek offering increased efficiency and competitiveness for its customers, it is also strengthening its own position in the market by investing in its production. The newly-finished factory expansion serves as a perfect example of this.

From a Finnish perspective, Pemamek’s decision to invest in Finland and keep the centre of its manufacturing in Loimaa might seem surprising. After all, many companies eventually tend to move their production to areas with lower production costs.

In contrast to this, Pemamek seems determined to stay firmly in Finland and keep the production and the expertise there.

“It is clearly stated in our strategy that manufacturing, design and product development are to be kept in one place,” confirms Heikonen. “Meanwhile, we are increasing automation and overall efficiency. Thanks to this, we will remain competitive and make sure operating in Finland is profitable in the foreseeable future as well.”

The brand-new 6,000 m2 expansion more than doubled the space Pemamek has available for production, assembly and testing. This is crucial, considering the enormous size of Pemamek’s solutions and the fact that each solution is assembled and carefully tested before dispatch.

All this enables Pemamek to increase production volumes and capacity – in other words, answer the demand that now looks set for an upward curve.

“This development is further supported by improvements in efficiency, shortening of lead times, and the growth of our sales organization,” Heikonen adds.

“Pretty much every aspect of our operations is now improving and growing. When we have a potential customer visiting our facility here in Loimaa, they will quickly see what we are capable of and notice that we have our competitive edge. We can help them make their production work and give them an opportunity to grow their business.”

And what are the people at Pemamek going to be up to next? Heikonen brings up service business, another aspect marked as a top priority in the new strategy.

Pemamek offers predictive maintenance and help desk services to ensure that its customers will always be in good hands with their PEMA solutions. Now, digitalization and IoT technologies are bringing along interesting new opportunities as well, and Pemamek is planning to look into them more closely.

“For a variety of reasons, doing business is becoming more and more challenging all over the world,” Heikonen agrees. “We are determined to respond to these changes and help our customers thrive.”


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