Jaakko Heikonen, Pemamek's new CEO
Jaakko Heikonen, Pemamek's new CEO

Pemamek Appoints New CEO, Expands Production Facilities to Meet Growing Demand

Industrial PRIME | June 9, 2016

Pemamek Appoints New CEO, Expands Production Facilities to Meet Growing Demand

Industrial PRIME | June 9, 2016

Pemamek Ltd., the Finnish pioneer in heavy welding and production automation, has had a hectic spring. In the beginning of May, the company announced its new Chief Executive Officer and then followed the announcement with the news of a factory expansion. Now, Pemamek is ready to strengthen its position in the North American market.


The board of Pemamek has appointed Jaakko Heikonen Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1 May 2016. He succeeds his father Pekka Heikonen, a long-time Pemamek CEO and owner, who will continue in the company in the role of a full-time Chairman of the Board.

As you would expect, Jaakko Heikonen is no stranger to Pemamek. He joined the ranks of the Finland-based company back in 2006. Before his appointment as CEO, he served as Pemamek’s Vice President for three years.

According to Heikonen, he is now at the helm of a company where strong foundations have been laid for continuing growth and development. He plans to stay on the path set by his predecessor, further emphasizing team spirit and customer orientation as the cornerstone of the company’s operation.

“Pemamek has been performing strongly over the past few years,” says Heikonen. “Apart from the few updates we’ve recently made into our strategy, we are not going to start making any drastic changes at this point. It is currently our principal goal to keep improving our competitiveness and achieve organic growth, and that is exactly what we are going to do.”




“In addition to Europe, things also look promising in North America.”




Growth on the Horizon

Offering further proof of its ambition, Pemamek recently announced a 3,000-m2 expansion of its production facilities situated in Loimaa, Finland. The construction is expected to reach completion by the end of the year, after which the total size of the factory building will be 16,000 m2.

According to Heikonen, the new facilities will enable Pemamek to increase its production and further improve its welding solutions.

“With this investment, we are preparing for a future growth in demand and production,” he says. “We are going to make sure our facilities are large and modern enough for increasing automation and developing our welding technologies. A good example is laser-hybrid welding: we are determined to maintain our strength in that technology.”

Additionally, these positive developments will most likely be followed by new recruitment. Pemamek will need more personnel to meet the demands brought by increasing production and to further bolster the know-how already existing in the company.

When it comes to sales, Heikonen does not hesitate to predict that there should be plenty of growth on the horizon.

“In addition to Europe, which is a more traditional Pemamek market, things also look promising in North America,” he reveals.

In fact, Pemamek has been doing business in North America for several years already. According to Heikonen, it has become increasingly clear that a permanent local presence would offer Pemamek much more growth potential in the region. That is why a regional office has been in the works for quite some time, and one will indeed have been established by the end of the year.

“This will enable us to seize the potential and get a strong foothold in the North American market,” Heikonen concludes.


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