Industrial PRIME | November 14, 2016

Merivaara Introduces Q-Flow, Innovative Surgical Light Taking OR Work a Major Step Forward

Q-Flow (the light on the right) boasts a number of new and innovative technical features.
Merivaara Introduces Q-Flow, Innovative Surgical Light Taking OR Work a Major Step Forward

Industrial PRIME | November 14, 2016

Merivaara Corporation has just launched its new surgical light at the Medica 2016 trade fair held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

According to Merivaara, Q-Flow will significantly improve the working environment in operating rooms (OR). Furthermore, it will also help reduce the risk of hospital infections.

To begin with, Q-Flow contains major improvements in terms of colour rendering, which now is in a league of its own especially with red and skin shades. This makes Q-Flow the ideal solution for various forms of surgery, including internal and plastic surgery.

Other features of the new surgical light include a very deep column of light paired with dynamic obstacle compensation. This means that when the surgeon bends over the patient, sensors will brighten other LEDs to reduce shadows.

Most remarkably, Q-Flow will even improve hygienic conditions in the OR. The light is shaped as a series of concentric circles with open spaces in between. This improves laminar air flow and thereby helps maintain sterile conditions and reduce the risk of infection.

Designed in collaboration with surgeons, anaesthesiologists and nurses, Q-Flow is part of the Merivaara Fluent concept enhancing the usability of ORs. The new surgical light will be available to the market starting from December.


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