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Kemppi Introduces WeldEye, Unified Welding Management Software That Gives You the Chance to Up Your Game

Industrial PRIME | October 27, 2016

Kemppi Introduces WeldEye, Unified Welding Management Software That Gives You the Chance to Up Your Game

Industrial PRIME | October 27, 2016

If welding is part of your business, Industrial PRIME has exciting news for you. Without any spoilers we can tell you that by the end of this article, there is a good chance you will have found the key to diminishing your business expenditure and saving a hell of a lot of time.


We are referring to Kemppi’s universal, future-proof software WeldEye. In a nutshell, WeldEye is a versatile solution for the automatic management of welding production. And if the time your business spends on various aspects of production is directly proportional to the money spent, you should continue reading.

WeldEye has been developed to produce value in three main aspects: it will control welding quality to make sure the output is in accordance to the quality standards and the customer’s demands; it will streamline production; and it will automatically produce documentation about the entire welding process.

For a rookie such as Industrial PRIME, it may come as a surprise that in any operation involving welding, documentation is often a major headache. (It is no secret that we learn these things as we go.)

According to Mr Tuomas Kivisaari, Software Product Manager at Kemppi, in certain industries documentation can be of crucial importance, as producing it can eat up a great deal of resources.

“For this reason, industries battling with severe cost challenges are increasingly looking into opportunities to simplify their processes of documentation,” Kivisaari points out.

In addition to costs, the need for improved documentation is dictated by the nature of industries themselves. Take the offshore and the oil and gas pipeline industry as an example.

“These are the industries that set the strictest demands for both the quality and the documentation of any welded structures,” Kivisaari says. “The demands are set not only by laws and regulations, but also by the end users. Needless to say, there is a zero tolerance against mistakes.”

Oil and gas pipelines are a good example in point. Documented information and full traceability are required as regards the welder and their qualifications, the welding equipment and the barometers used, and in fact everything else related to any process resulting in a welded product.




“WeldEye is within effortless reach of any customer in any corner of the world.”




Available to Anyone, Anywhere

One of the great things about WeldEye is that it is universal: it can be used anywhere and in all welding environments. It will produce value to its user regardless of industry, so whether you are in construction, shipbuilding, energy, or in any other industry, Kemppi’s new software is going to be a good choice. The size of the company does not matter either: WeldEye is an affordable option for small workshops and large shipyards alike.

WeldEye creates documentation about the welding process automatically, dramatically decreasing the amount of manual tasks and the time required for performing them. According to Kemppi, the software can speed up documentation processes by up to 70 percent.

“Depending on the project, we are talking about weeks’ or even months’ worth of time saved,” confirms Kivisaari.

In addition to speeding up documentation, WeldEye enables its users to manage their welding processes as a whole and to be constantly up-to-date on what is going on and how things are moving.

The new WeldEye is a combined solution of two welding management solutions, Kemppi’s own Kemppi ARC System 3 (KAS3), and WeldEye, a software originally created by Norwegian Kemppi subsidiary WeldIndustry.

Kemppi has been investing in digitalization for years already. The main focus of KAS3, however, was on following the welding arc rather than looking at the welding process from a wider perspective.

With their solution, WeldIndustry has brought into the picture the know-how related to project management data in the offshore industry. The end result is a software with the widest coverage of different welding-related processes in the market, bringing value to the entire welding value chain instead of merely focusing on the chain’s individual links.

In addition to its universal nature, WeldEye has a global reach thanks to two further dimensions: firstly, Kemppi can sell its software through its wide network of subsidiaries around the world; secondly, WeldEye can become more widespread thanks to digitalization and cloud.

“That’s why WeldEye is within effortless reach of any customer in any corner of the world,” says Kivisaari.




“In order to truly develop, the user needs to be prepared to establish value with our solution and then change their own processes accordingly.”




Shed the Old Ways of Thinking

With all that was said above in mind, it comes as no surprise that Kemppi has high expectations for the sales of its new software.

WeldEye has already proved that it can produce significant value by improving welding quality and reducing the time required for documentation. All this will enable businesses to save money and direct their energy and resources towards other things.

To finish up our interview, Mr Kivisaari offers a word of advice: going for WeldEye does not necessarily mean that the customer can just sit back and relax. On the contrary, the true value of the software is determined by the customer itself.

“In order to truly develop, they need to be prepared to establish value with our solution and then change their own processes accordingly,” Kivisaari says. “Many of our customers have their own, long-established ways of doing things, and in such working culture strongly leaning towards tradition, digital solutions can still be considered a bit of an oddity.”

The fact is that no matter where we go, we are surrounded by welded structures. Their quality means everything. And yet, even today, good-quality welds cannot be taken for granted. Fortunately, Kemppi and WeldEye are here to streamline welding and give you an opportunity to develop your process.


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