Industrial PRIME | May 13, 2015

Finnish Uwira Part of Stena Germanica Conversion to Methanol

Uwira CEO Samuli Kuusisto.
Finnish Uwira Part of Stena Germanica Conversion to Methanol

Industrial PRIME | May 13, 2015

In April this year, the conversion of Sweden-based ferry company Stena Line’s M/S Stena Germanica was completed. The ship is the world’s first large passenger ferry that can use methanol as its primary fuel.

The use of methanol as marine fuel is one of the latest additions into the list of more environmentally friendly options for the shipping industry. Methanol is sulphur-free and offers significant reductions in the emissions of nitrogen, particles, and carbon dioxide as well.

As methanol has a very low flash point, special attention had to be paid on the pipelines through which the fuel moves on its way from the pump room to the engine room.

In order to help guarantee the safety of Stena Germanica, Finnish Uwira delivered and installed 200 meters’ worth of double-walled high-pressure fuel pipes for the ship.

“The pipes were tested in over 1,000-bar pressure,” says Uwira CEO Samuli Kuusisto. “Normal pressure during the operation of the ship is between 400 and 500 bars. The passenger on board can thus rest assured – safety is guaranteed.”

Uwira has sealed its status as a trusted partner in ship conversion projects requiring the demanding installation of new pipelines. In 2011, the company participated in the conversion of Bit Viking, the first ship in the world to switch from heavy fuel oil to liquefied natural gas.


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