Industrial PRIME | January 27, 2016

BG Group Leading a Project Designing the LNG Ship of the Future

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BG Group Leading a Project Designing the LNG Ship of the Future

Industrial PRIME | January 27, 2016

LNG ships are already highly efficient, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be developed even further.

To push the limits of LNG ship designs, BG Group has been leading a project to optimize the shape of ship hull and the general arrangement of the ship’s cargo tanks.

The aim is to create a ship design that is cost-effective to build and that will increase efficiency and help vessel operators save fuel as well as reduce their emissions.

The new LNG ship design is being designed on the shores of the Amazônia Azul off the coast of Brazil. According to BG Group’s press release, the project team has taken a completely new approach and is rethinking the design from scratch, instead of being restricted to following current industry standards.

Over the course of 18 months, numerous iterations of computer modelling, testing, and improvements have been run by the project team in order to develop the best possible design.

According to BG Group, the computer-generated design is a visibly different ship shape, notably at the bow. A scale model of the ship has been built and subsequently tested in São Paulo, Brazil.

It is estimated that the new ship design would enable 3–5% savings in fuel and emissions, compared to conventional LNG ship designs.

“If you’ve got a large fleet of, say, 30 or 40 ships, each burning around 80 tonnes of fuel per day, you can imagine the commercial advantage of such savings,” said project development manager Michael Davison, BG Group. “Over the course of a year, a fleet of such ships would be saving approximately 32,000 tonnes of LNG fuel.”

The final design is estimated to emerge in March 2016, after which it is expected to be industrialized for the next wave of shipbuilding orders.



Headquartered in the UK, BG Group is a world leader in natural gas, with a strategy focused on connecting competitively priced resources to specific, high-value markets.


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